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The recruitment of crew members is a selective process whereby each new potential crew member is interviewed, and all their references are meticulously checked to confirm that all details provided are truthful and legitimate. This process can be very time consuming however, it is something that cannot be overlooked as one bad crew member can result in a negative guest experience and a poor business image. When it comes to coordinating multiple crew for a vessel, one needs to be fully confident that the selection process is always thorough ensuring that the crew functions cohesively as a team.

Yacht owners are high net worth individuals with very high standards and expectations. By focusing on fully understanding what each unique client’s requirements may be, I use my industry experience and market knowledge to source the highest caliber candidates for the position at hand. A-Z Yachting clients benefit from having a single point of contact for a custom, tailored and professional approach to search and recruit the ideal candidate for their exact requirements.

Our Team


Zsofia Kiss Horti


I have attained many years of international experience within the yachting, hospitality and recruitment industries. Being exposed to such a variety of industries has its challenges which need to be met daily, but this has taught me how to handle different situations, how to communicate with different personalities and how to hire the perfect candidate for the job. My heart and passion lie somewhere at sea and I would like to help crew members find the perfect position they are seeking, offer them advice and assist them in a professional, reliable and positive manner.

To best utilize my experience and desire to help others, I have decided to create my own crew agency. A-Z Yachting offering crew members an opportunity to find the dream job that they are always ever so actively seeking, as well as providing fully qualified and experienced professional crew members to yacht owners. My goal is to ensure that crew members and yacht owners are confident that their objectives will always be met.

Holly Mockridge Niedermeier

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Holly Mockridge Neidermeier comes from Durban, South Africa.
 Holly attended the University of Durban where she earned degrees in Fashion&Design.
 She worked as an Event Manager for 3 years when she decided to start working in the yachting
 She extensively travelled around the world.
 After 9 years having worked her way up to the role of the Chief Stew on bigger vessels decided
to move to ashore in Mallorca and led her to join A-Z Yachting where she could stay connected
to the industry.

With her extensive experience she enjoys helping crew find their dream jobs.
 For A-Z Yachting that means Holly takes expert care matching the right yacht for each
crewmember and the right crewmember for each yacht.

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When I was new in the industry I ended up day working on the yacht that Zsofia is a chief stew on. She helped me a lot. I got guidance and many useful tips from Zsofia, who knows the industry very well. What makes her stand out is her enormous amount of care and personal approach. I can highly recommend her service.

Frida Stenow, Deckhand

I met Zsofia in 2018 when she hired me as her 2nd stew for a season. We worked really well together and became good friends through the season. When my contract ended she was so encouraging and was always helping me to try to find another job, gave me day work when I needed it and was always there when I needed her by offering guidence and advice! She's really gone beyond all expectations as a colleague and a friend!

Jenna Lammers, 2nd Stewardess