We understand that the backbone of any successful maritime venture is a highly competent & cohesive crew. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to the meticulous selection & placement of top-tier candidates, ensuring they embody the skills, experience, & professionalism required to excel in their roles.

All candidates undergo a comprehensive screening that includes thorough background checks, skill assessments, & detailed interviews conducted by industry experts.

By leveraging an extensive network & employing rigorous vetting procedures, we match highly skilled professionals who excel not only in their technical expertise, but also interpersonal qualities, ensuring a cultural fit & seamless integration into your team.

We guarantee that each crew member is not just a worker, but a valuable addition to your workforce. This bespoke approach ensures that every crew member, harmonises seamlessly with the yacht’s culture & the owner’s expectations.

We understand that finding the perfect crew for your yacht is not just about filling positions...
it’s about creating a seamless & memorable experience at sea.


With decades of expertise & an unwavering passion for the yachting industry, we connect dedicated crew members with world-class opportunities on luxury yachts around the globe. Our personalised matching process ensures that your skills, aspirations, & personality align with the ideal yacht position, helping you thrive both personally & professionally.

Our vast network connects us with top-tier clientele & prestigious yachts across the globe, we are able to open doors to exclusive opportunities that won’t find elsewhere. Our dedicated team is here to assist you at every stage  of your career.

We offer comprehensive support & expert guidance to all candidates,
ensuring you have everything you need for success.


Zsofia Kiss-Horti A-Z Yachting

Zsofia Kiss Horti


I have attained many years of international experience within the yachting, hospitality and recruitment industries. Being exposed to such a variety of industries has its challenges which need to be met daily, but this has taught me how to handle different situations, how to communicate with different personalities and how to hire the perfect candidate for the job.

My heart and passion lie somewhere at sea and I would like to help crew members find the perfect position they are seeking, offer them advice and assist them in a professional, reliable and positive manner.

To best utilize my experience and desire to help others, I have decided to create my own crew agency. A-Z Yachting offering crew members an opportunity to find the dream job that they are always ever so actively seeking, as well as providing fully qualified and experienced professional crew members to yacht owners. My goal is to ensure that crew members and yacht owners are confident that their objectives will always be met.

Holly Mockridge Niedermeier

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Holly Mockridge Neidermeier comes from Durban, South Africa.
 Holly attended the University of Durban where she earned degrees in Fashion&Design.

She worked as an Event Manager for 3 years when she decided to start working in the yachting
 She extensively travelled around the world.
 After 9 years having worked her way up to the role of the Chief Stew on bigger vessels decided
to move to ashore in Mallorca and led her to join A-Z Yachting where she could stay connected
to the industry.

With her extensive experience she enjoys helping crew find their dream jobs.
 For A-Z Yachting that means Holly takes expert care matching the right yacht for each
crewmember and the right crewmember for each yacht.

Located: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Holly Mockridge Niedermeier A-Z Yachting

Francesca Whetter

Recruitment Consultant

Francesca was born and raised on the island of Mallorca. At 14, she and her family embarked on a three-year sailing journey from Mallorca to Australia, exploring the breathtaking beauty of the South Pacific.

Growing up in a family deeply involved in yachting, Francesca jumped at the opportunity to work on yachts at 18. She was fortunate to land a fantastic position on a large sailing yacht, where she worked her way up to Chief Stewardess. She sailed on the yacht from Australia, revisiting the South Pacific on a journey back to Europe.

With her deep passion for sailing and the ocean, Francesca has now returned to land life after being away from home for some time. She aims to reconnect with her roots and use her yachting experience to help others achieve similar opportunities within the yachting industry.

Located: Palma de Mallorca

Leah-Jane Manley

Recruitment Consultant

Leah was born and raised in Devon, England. At the young age of 18, she left home with the intention of joining the superyacht industry. She was lucky enough to get her first break on a motor yacht in southern Spain and settled there working on various yachts as a stew/cook eventually making her way up to the sole chef.

Leah loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures and is still a keen cook and enjoys cooking for friends and family when she gets the chance.

Leah has now settled in Mallorca with her family and is still very much involved in the yachting industry. She is excited to bring her knowledge and experiences to the A-Z Yachting team and assist others in finding their dream job.

Located: Palma de Mallorca

Leah-Jane Manley-A-Z-Yachting

Christy Ring

Recruitment Consultant

Christy Ring was born and raised in the small town of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where she also attained a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Management and Media.

After completing her studies, Christy had a hunger for travel and adventure which inspired her to pursue avenues that would allow her to experience new countries and cultures, and ultimately led to the Superyacht industry. Christy worked aboard various private and charter yachts for 8 years, where she gained a wealth of experience and insight.

Nowadays Christy is shore-based with her family, but travels frequently and remains close to industry events and stakeholders. She is looking forward to assisting both crew and employers in making perfect professional matches!