We help you finding your new crew member!

Finding the right crew member is a process whereby each candidate is interviewed in accordance with their skill set and then based on the interviews the selection process can begin. An ongoing search from all 4 corners of the globe is executed, until we find the exact candidate for each of the positions that are required to embark on a safe journey at sea. When interviewing each of the candidates we try to get an in-depth understand of their goals and desired job preferences with regards to location, time of year, salary expectations etc. Generally, the different types of crew positions require different types of personalities for example a deckhand is generally more extroverted as oppose to a steward who is always client facing. As such it is important that they have high energy and are always readily available. My own first-hand experience working in the industry has led me to become familiar with all of these personality types and to get a feel for which program will suit each skilled candidate.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and my team, knowing that we will always provide you with an extremely honest review of each and every crew member that we suggest and select for you. We will help you find your new crew member!