Finding the right crew members is a process whereby each candidate is interviewed individually according to their skill set and then based upon the interviews the selection process starts to take place. An ongoing search from all different sides of the globe is executed, until I find the exact candidate for each of the positions that are required to embark on a safe journey at sea. When I interview each of the candidates I try to get an in depth understand of their goals and desired job preferences with regards to location, time of year, salary expectations etc. Generally, the different types of positions of the crew come with different types of personalities for example a deckhand is generally more extroverted as oppose to a steward who is always client facing so it is important that they have high energy and are always readily available. My experience has led me to become familiar with all of these personality types and to get a feel for which excursions will suit each skilled candidate.

Steward/Stewardess´s are responsible for attending the owner and guests as well as upkeep the interior of the yacht. Deckhand maintains the exterior of the yacht as well as operates the toys such as jet skis, submersibles etc. Second mate generally assists the first mate but can also do some of the deckhand work. First mate shares the responsibilities with the captain when need be. The chef plans and prepares menus and takes all the orders in the kitchen. Engineers maintain and repair all the mechanical and electrical attributes that are on board. Finally, the captain has an overall responsibility for running the yacht. In less common cases some additional staff can be required which can include a variety of activities such as including fitness instructors, beauty therapists, diving instructors, nannies and bodyguards. Sometimes even owners require helicopter pilots for unique occasions. A crew that works well together and enjoys themselves transmits a positive energy which the client’s sense and therefore makes them feel relaxed, happy and relieved once they get to know the crew before the yacht sets off to sail. Many yacht owners often ask me for the same crew when they have had a good experience with them. Building rapport with each candidate and building a relationship based on trust generally facilitates and makes this process a lot easier for me when requested.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I will always provide you with an extremely honest review of each and every crew member that I suggest and select for you.

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